A great step of Gold Leaf - Gold Leaf Resin
Dec 30, 2022

Gold leaf is a very unique material that offers a different texture and color than paint and pigment, and this has been used to create many applications for gold leaf, such as gold leaf for skin care and gold leaf for nails, both of which are very influential.

Gold leaf has also had a significant impact on art, for example, you can watch gold leaf paintings and gold leaf crafts videos on YouTube, , and today we want to mention some of the expansion of gold leaf in the field of crafts - Resin, we see some users sharing their works on ins, which is a very happy thing, because as a supplier, we want to see more friends to explore the use of gold leaf, which is very important for the promotion of gold leaf.

We hope to see more new uses for gold leaf in the future, we are Kinnogold, welcome to visit our store and get the latest information.

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